”YouTube Over Netflix” says it all

YouTube's outlook vs Hollywood's dark times, PhysicalMedia takes a loss and a lot more in this week's issue of Watch With Comfort.

”YouTube Over Netflix” says it all

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Box Office & Streaming

Top Fives of the Week(end)

The Top 5 Box Office Weekend (Oct 20-22):

  1. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour - $31m
  2. Killers of the Flower Moon - $23m (Opening)
  3. The Exorcist: Believer - $5.6m
  4. Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie - $4.5m
  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas - $4.1m (Re-Release)

Box Office Notes:

  • Killers of the Flower Moon is higher on the list than I expected. Probably boosted by its stacked cast list and director Martin Scorsese’s latest shots at Marvel.
  • I can’t wait for Five Night’s at Freddy’s to take the top spot away from a darn concert movie. That’s a very strange sentence to type, but I stand by it.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas, a 30 year old me, has legitimately displaced recent releases like Saw X and The Creator from the list. It it shows that people will go to the cinema to watch a GOOD movie no matter how old it is. Shame it didn’t beat Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie while it was at it.

Top 5 Streamed Titles (From Sept 18-24):

  1. Suits - Netflix/Peacock
  2. Elemental - Disney Plus
  3. Virgin River - Netflix
  4. Bluey - Disney Plus
  5. Grey’s Anatomy - Netflix

Streaming Notes:

  • Suits briefly lost the top spot last week! Sadly it’s back on top again. I swear I don’t hate this show, still haven’t watched it. But I want something, ANYTHING to topple it if only for the sake of variety
  • I think Grey’s Anatomy is going to be a boilerplate show. When a new title doesn’t make the top five or drops out of it, Grey’s Anatomy will fill the spot lol.
  • I wonder when we’ll see a new show from MAX or Paramount Plus on here?

Fresh Releases

What to Watch this Week

I got the idea for a new section that makes a lot of sense! Here’s the big releases for this coming week!

This isn’t going to be a comprehensive list. It’s going to be curated to the titles I think are most noteworthy. No Reality TV or Anime. Just US theatrical and streaming releases.


  • Five Night’s at Freddy’s
    • Hits a wide release on October 27– On track to be one of the largest openings of the year


  • Pain Hustlers
    • Netflix on October 27
    • Season 1 hits Netflix on October 26

Big News

Teens prefer YouTube over Netflix

  • “The youth would rather watch YouTube” is perhaps the understatement of the year.
  • I think it proves that Hollywood’s complacency is catching up with them and is going to hurt their bottom lines even more now.

Big Media and Big Tech are Fighting over Sports rights

  • I’ve said it before, but I think Sports is the last frontier for streamers to fight over.
  • There’s a lot of rumors flying around regarding NBA and F1 rights in particular.
  • This piece goes into how companies are navigating their chessboards while sports organizations prepare for profit.

A Realistic Retrospective on the WGA Strike

  • A lot of The Hollywood press is optimistic about the outcome of the WGA Strike.
  • While it’s definitely a victory, I look at it more as kicking the can down the road a little more.
  • This piece is a solid look into how the issues of the strike may evolve and likely worsen by the time the contract expires.

Hollywood’s Dark Times are Just Beginning

  • This is a more detailed look into how times might change for Hollywood.
  • Nice bird’s eye view of everything in motion that could affect the business.

Standing Up

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Bonus Features

Guess The Shot

What movie or show is this from?

Like I mentioned in the Editor’s Note, I’m reflecting a lot on my journey as a filmmaker.

This shot for this week comes from a film pivotal to that journey.

My Freshman year Media Studies class got to see it in the theater and I will never forget that experience.

Last week’s answer was Paper Towns.

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