Prime Video Ads & Disney’s Agenda

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Prime Video Ads & Disney’s Agenda

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Hello Everyone!

This week marks the first real progress in ending the Hollywood strikes. It’s not resolved yet, but all parties seem to be ready to talk again.

I understand that there’s several sides to the issue and you all will have your own opinions. Here’s my opinion condensed into 3 points:

  • Writer’s and actors may be on strike, but it results in crew members not being able to work.
  • Many industries across the world depend on Hollywood’s success to stay afloat.
  • As much as I dislike Hollywood executives, we need them to make money in order for them to make the movies ands shows we love.

Frankly, I just want my friends to be able to work again.

This week’s edition talks about how big companies like Disney and Amazon hedge their bets to protect themselves from situations like this. Everyday people don’t have options like that available to them.

A win-win scenario exists, they just have to agree on it. And I hope they do so soon.

Sorry if this seems off-topic, but it’s weighed on my mind a lot lately.

Thank you for your time and on with the show!