Paramount for Sale & Cable Losses

Paramount is open for sale, Cable losses, Five Night's at Freddy's and a lot more in this week's issue of Watch With Comfort.

Paramount for Sale & Cable Losses

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Box Office & Streaming

Top Fives of the Week(end)

Domestic Box Office Weekend (Oct 27-29):

  1. Five Night’s At Freddy’s - $80m
  2. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour- $15m
  3. Killers of the Flower Moon- $9m
  4. After Death - $5m
  5. The Exorcist: Believer - $3m

Box Office Notes:

  • As expected, the winner is Five Night’s At Freddy’s . With an estimated budget of $20m, this opening weekend is pretty solid.
    • Reviews are pretty mixed, with critics bashing it while the fans love it, so it’s unclear how next week will pan out for the tickets.
    • My guess is the people who wanted to see it in the theater already have and that everyone else will stream it on Peacock.
  • All that matters to me is that a concert movie is not #1.

Top 5 Streamed Titles (From Sept 25 - Oct 1):

  1. Suites - Netflix/Peacock
  2. Grey’s Anatomy - Netflix
  3. Love is Blind - Netflix
  4. Elemental - Disney Plus
  5. Bluey - Disney Plus

Streaming Notes:

  • Suits just cannot be stopped! Why did it have to take the top spot back?! I will accept ANYTHING ELSE in the #1 spot at this point.
  • Again, I have to give credit to Netflix and Disney for dominating this list every week.

Fresh Releases

What to Watch this Week

This isn’t going to be a comprehensive list. It’s going to be curated to the most noteworthy releases. No Reality TV or Anime. Just US theatrical and streaming releases.


  • The Marsh King’s Daughter
    • Hits a wide release Nov 3


  • Blue Eye Samurai
    • Nov 3 on Netflix
  • Invincible S2
    • Nov 3 on Amazon Prime
    • I’m very hyped for this one
    • First season was a wonderful surprise, expecting this to be just as fun
  • Black Cake S1
    • Nov 1 on Hulu

Big Five

Paramount is looking for a buyer

  • The Redstone family that owns Paramount Group has signaled that they’re open to a sale.
  • It would be a HUGE sale, like Disney/Fox huge.
  • With how large and diverse Paramount’s portfolio is, I can only assume a megacorp like Apple could pull the deal off.
  • The Redstone family did give the old “if the price is right” caveat though. So they may ask more than the company’s worth, thus killing a potential sale.

Wondery Video Podcasts on Freevee

  • Repurposing video podcast episodes as TV show episodes is a new strategy, and one that could work!
  • For a news video podcast for instance, how is that different from a news television program these days?
  • I’ll be curious if we see more deals like this. Amazon owns Wondery so this was easy for them to implement.
  • Could we get a Joe Rogan channel? A This American Life channel?

Apple reportedly revamping its Apple TV app

  • They reportedly want to merge all of their video offerings into one, easy to use app.
  • This would match the TV ambitions of the company’s late founder/CEO Steve Jobs.
  • They’ve made progress towards Jobs’ ideal over the years, I’d be curious if this will be their final big bush.
  • Considering how little attention Apple gives their TV products (aside from Apple TV Plus), I can see this going either way.

Comcast and Spectrum Lose MORE Customers

  • They’ve lost over 2 million subscribers since the start of 2023.
  • They’re resorting to bundle and save tactics to retain subscribers.
  • But the losses are becoming pretty significant as streaming takes over.
  • Cable providers have signaled that they want similar deals to what Spectrum and Disney signed a little while ago.

Madison Avenue thinks YouTube is the Future

  • There’s more to it than that but that’s the short version.
  • Viewers are predicted to move to platforms with less ads as streaming services are flooded with them.
  • YouTube is expected to be the biggest gainer from this trend, but FAST services (Pluto, Freevee, Tube, etc…) may also see a boost depending on their ad tech.


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