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This is a sample of the weekly Watch With Comfort Newsletter. It covers everything you need to know as a movie enthusiast.

Sample Newsletter
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Welcome to Watch with Comfort, a newsletter that helps you enjoy what you watch! We break down what people have been watching this last week and what's worth your time! I'm also collecting a news and editorials that deserve your attention. Hope you enjoy and see ya next time!

Hello Everyone,

This is the Pilot Issue of the newsletter. Interpret that how you will. This section is my chance to talk more directly to you before we dive into the numbers, news and links. Don’t worry, like my YouTube videos, I’ll keep it quick.

If you’re reading this at all I extend my greatest thanks. Every video viewed or letter read is a show of support that I genuinely treasure. Same as a lot of people, the post-2020 era has been a greater trial than I ever thought possible. This collection of projects is a proffesional hail mary that I don’t take lightly.

My main solace and reliever of stress during these times has been in entertainment. Finding something good to watch and making the experience smooth as butter.

I can’t be the only one who enjoys that process and values that experience. That’s why I’m here doing this newsletter, to share what I’m learning so that others can “watch with comfort.” Yup, that’s the origin story.

Thank you for your time, on with the show!

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Box Office & Streaming

Sources: Box Office Mojo & Nielsen

The Top 5 films at the box office are:

  1. The Nun II- OPENING $32m
  2. The Equalizer 3- $12m
  3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3- OPENING $10m
  4. Jawan- OPENING $6m
  5. Barbie- $5.9m

Box Office Notes

  • Glad to see Equalizer 3 doing well. I really like Denzel Washington and this trilogy. My household already pre-ordered this movie 😃
  • Ummmm… who was asking for a third Greek Wedding movie?
  • Still in shock that Barbie is making as much money as it is. I just filmed a short about how it beat the Super Mario Bros movie for the top spot this year.
  • Blue Beetle settled for 6th place at $3.7m, bring it’s overall gross to $114m. Frankly a huge shame, I think it’s pretty good and deserves more recognition.
  • Almost saw Gran Turismo this weekend, where it made $3m. I really like the Director but the story really didn’t grab me. Considering how successfull The Last Of Us and Twisted Metal have been this year, I expected this to do better.

Top 5 Streamed Titles Are: (From Aug 7-13)

  1. The Suits
  2. The Lincoln Lawyer
  3. Bluey
  4. Painkiller
  5. Heart of Stone

Streaming Notes

  • Suits is still on my list of shows that I want to try. It seems like a good show to fall asleep too. My current go-to’s for that remain The Office and House, so it would be nice to have something else in the rotation.
  • I’m glad Painkiller exists. It covers the opiod crisis in an accessible way for most people. It and Dopestick do very well in that regard.

Quick News

Paramount+ With Showtime Set for Next Price Increase Within Two Years, Paramount CEO Says
Paramount+ saw its first price increase this year with the launch of Paramount+ With Showtime, and Paramount CEO Bob Bakish says it won’t be the streamer’s last. The goal is to hike the…
  • The Streaming price hikes aren’t slowing down, now with Paramount CEO chiming in. This means that EVERY major streaming service has or will raise their prices within 12 months (assuming Paramound does so soon). It’s getting more important than ever to pick the streamers that offer YOU the most value, even the free ones.
This Cable Company Stopped Marketing TV to Its Customers. Here’s What Happened.
Amid the Spectrum-Disney dispute, Frontier Communications now refers new customers to YouTube TV.
  • This is an interesting one. Cable companies are winding down their cable offerings as a way of cutting costs. Some reportedly almost closed their cable branches altogether. Frontier is now selling a Premium Internet package that comes with YouTube TV. A new way of selling the same service more or less. I wonder if this is something we’ll see more of?
YouTube TV & YouTube Successful Stream NFL Sunday Ticket Without Any Major Issues Opening The Door to Other Sports Deals | Cord Cutters News
Today was a big day for Google as it was the first day it offered NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and YouTube. Many wondered if Google could handle the demand, and from what our readers say NFL Sunday Ticket’s first day went off without any major issues. This comes as Google took the risk […]
  • Speaking of YouTube TV, the debut weekend of NFL Sunday Ticket on the services streamed without a hitch. Luke at Cord Cutters News speculates that this success could start the conversation on other sport streaming deals. Sports are the last remaining pillar of content for streaming to take in my opinion.
Google’s next Chromecast remote might have more buttons
How about a star button on your Google TV remote?
  • The remote is less the story. More the fact that we’re getting another Chromecast soon. I watch it in my bedroom every night anf it’s the best streaming device under $100. I’m working on a review of it at the moment, but in light of this news, I might wait to see if this new one comes out.
Roku Channel Removes at Least 37 Shows, Including ‘Reno 911!’ Revival, ‘Dummy,’ ‘Survive’
UPDATED, Sept. 8: Roku has removed at least 37 original shows from the Roku Channel, as part of its announced effort to cut costs. Those include episodes of the “Reno 911!” revival of t…
  • I just did a piece on the best free streaming services where I mentioned Roku aquiring Quibi’s content. Now they’re removing it from their service as a tax write-off 😢. Nothing truly incredible was lost in my opinion, but still, I hate that this is a common practice these days.


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Interesting Reads or Views

The Pitfalls of Netflix’s Live-Action Anime
“One Piece” joins “Cowboy Bebop” and the upcoming “Avatar: the Last Airbender” as an adaptation of a beloved animated property. But who, exactly, are these shows…
  • With the live-action One Piece releasing recently, people are taking stock of Netflix’s past and future adaptations. While I don’t agree with all of the points in this editorial, I do think it’s important to be critical of these companies while giving a reasonable benefit of the doubt.
The Decomposition of Rotten Tomatoes
The most overrated metric in entertainment is erratic, reductive, and easily hacked — and yet has Hollywood in its grip.
  • Rotten Tomatoes has had it’s critics over the years, even conspiracy theories. Well, those groups are having their day as this exposes how easily manipulated the system is. It also shines a small light on the power of PR firms in Hollywood alongside agencies and talent management companies. A fun peak behind the curtain of how the Hollywood machine can work.
Inside the NFL’s All-Media Blitz: How Roger Goodell Conquered Hollywood
To the tune of $110 billion, the league has shrewdly leveraged the fact that media — whether NBC, CBS, Fox and ESPN or Amazon and YouTube — needs its product more than it needs them.
  • In line with the YouTube TV, Sunday Ticket and Cable news, this is a fierce reminder for Hollywood and even Silicon Valley. The NFL is often underestimated in how powerful an organization it is. It’s one of the largest players in sports media today and it’s decisions change how we watch ALL sports. This piece is a good encapsulation of that power.
Watch Ahsoka in Theaters at the Midseason Fan Celebration Event
Check out the new poster and get details on how you can experience the next episode of Ahsoka on the big screen in a city near you on September 12.
  • This is a trend I’m surprised I don’t see more of. Especially well-known, high production value shows. It’s a good source of money for the studio and, for the right show, I would do it. Imagine seeing the series finale of Better Call Saul or The Witcher or House of Dragons in a theater with friends and superfans alike. Honestly sounds fun to me, how about you?
Disney’s wildest ride: Iger, Chapek and the making of an epic succession mess
Here’s the inside story of the executive chaos at Disney over the past few years — and how it could shape the fate of the iconic entertainment company.
  • This is a LONG read, the longest in this newsletter, but it is fascinating. It’s a very detailed report on Disney’s exec level power struggle and the ramifications it had on the company. I like these kinds of reports since it gives glimpses into how Hollywood works at a certain level. At the end of a day, a business is just a group of people. And Hollywood people tend to be devious and cut-throat.

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