Rotten Tomatoes Scandal & YouTube Sunday Ticket

Our Pilot edition of the Watch WIth Comfort Newsletter!

Rotten Tomatoes Scandal & YouTube Sunday Ticket

Welcome to Watch with Comfort, a newsletter that helps you enjoy what you watch! We break down what people have been watching this last week and what's worth your time! I'm also collecting a news and editorials that deserve your attention. Hope you enjoy and see ya next time!

Hello Everyone,

This is the Pilot Edition of the newsletter. This section is my chance to talk more directly to you before we dive into the numbers, news and links. Don’t worry, like my YouTube videos, I’ll keep it quick.

If you’re reading this at all I extend my greatest thanks. Every video viewed or letter read is a show of support that I genuinely treasure. Same as a lot of people, the post-2020 era has been a greater trial than I ever thought possible. This collection of projects is a proffesional hail mary that I don’t take lightly.

My main solace and reliever of stress during these times has been in entertainment. Finding something good to watch and making the experience smooth as butter.

I can’t be the only one who values that experience. That’s why I’m here doing this newsletter; to share what I’m learning so that others can “watch with comfort.” Yup, that’s the origin story.

Thank you for your time, on with the show!