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What's in it?

Every Tuesday you get the essential updates that help you enjoy what you watch. Here’s the breakdown.

  • Top 5 Box Office and Streaming titles
    • What people are watching right now (almost, the streaming data lags a few weeks)
  • Fresh Releases
    • What’s coming out to watch this week
  • Big 5 Links
    • The biggest news and links you need to know
    • Topics include:
      • How Streaming is Changing
      • The Demise of Cable
      • Tips for Cutting the Cord
      • Building a Home Theater
      • Saving Money at the Theater
    • A few sentences of commentary for the TLDR and context
  • Quick News
    • Just some other headlines if you wanna go down a rabbit hole
  • Guess the Still
    • I post a still from a movie. Try to guess it. No prizes, just for fun.

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